At 11:48 AM on December 3, 2020, Davao City Central 911’s EMS Unit catered to a patient’s childbirth case.

A pregnant woman due for delivery riding on a taxi was about to give birth inside the vehicle. Fortunately, they were already near Central 911 Sandawa Station.
Dr. Jallil Ken Dayo, who was on duty EMED doctor in the 911 Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) and Telemedicine, instantly went to the taxi to help in delivering the baby. Central 911 EMTs assisted him and prepared the necessary medical equipment .
The team safely delivered a baby girl! After the delivery, both the baby and her mother were brought to the hospital by on standby ambulance team.
Despite the restrictions and protocols to be followed, Central 911 lives up to its mandate and did not hesitate to help.