Central 911 Services

  1. Call-taking and Dispatch

Emergency Calls Answering Point and Dispatch (ECAP-D) unit is mainly responsible in receiving emergency calls, logging of necessary information on the Computer-Aided and Response Emergency Dispatch System and dispatching of the appropriate resources nearest to the scene of the emergency, providing a 24 hour, 7-day coverage;

  1. Emergency Medical Services

It functions to render life-saving pre-hospital procedures on-site and during transit. The E-M-S unit boasts its own Ambulance Bus that caters to mass casualty incidents. In cases of traffic congestion or in areas inaccessible for regular ambulances, the unit deploys its Fast Reaction Emergency Medical Services personnel who is tasked to provide pre-hospital interventions prior to the arrival of an ambulance.

  1. Urban Search and Rescue

It provides rescue services and responds to complex operations or incidents such as Road Accident Extrication, High-Angle Operations, Confined Space Operations, Animal Control and Swift Water Rescue and others.

  1. Fire Auxiliary Support

It complements and serves as an auxiliary support to the Bureau of Fire Protection in various fire suppression operations

  1. K9 services

The K9 unit of Central 911 also functions as an operational support to the law enforcement agencies in terms of crime prevention, detection and other security measures.

Trainings conducted by Central 911

  • Basic Life Support and First Aid
  • CERT Trainings (in coordination with DRRMO)
  • Basic Firefighting

The conduct of these trainings are completely FREE OF CHARGE.