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Call Taking

The 911 Call Center is the nerve center of the whole 911 operation. This is where the emergency calls of residents are being received and logged in computers. The Call Center is being manned by well trained and highly competent Call Takers shifting on a 24/7 basis. Taking calls from a wide variety of cases ranging from police, medical, rescue, or fire emergencies.

All call goes through Processing. This stage is also called the “Telephone Triage”. Its purpose is to get as much information from the caller as possible regarding the emergency so that our emergency workers can provide the proper and appropriate response. Some of the basic questions that 911 Call Takers will ask are the following:

  1. What is the nature of the emergency?
  2. What is the name of the caller?
  3. Where is the emergency?
  4. What is the callers contact number?

At times, other questions are being asked by the Call Taker and/or Emergency Medical Technician, especially in medical emergencies, so as to have a more accurate picture of the emergency scenario.


The 911 Radio Dispatcher dispatches appropriate responders nearest to the scene. These dispatchers also constantly track down the position of responding units and update their location on the computer for the efficient dispatching of the next reported emergency.

All calls and dispatches are logged in the Emergency Computer Aided Dispatch System.


Central 911 facilitates Police emergency assistance by dispatching mobile units nearest to the scene of emergency. The City Government has provided the Davao City Police Office with Patrol Cars equipped with communication gadgets. Patrolling the streets on a 24/7 basis to enhance police visibility and provide ready assistance to police matters.


The Center also has its own Emergency Medical Services Unit. Manned with highly competent and well trained Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT-B), the 911 EMS unit caters to pre-hospital emergency medical care. They also conduct telephone triage and transport patients to medical facilities. Its ambulance units are equipped with basic life support and life saving equipments.


Another pride of Davao City’s 911 is its elite Urban Search and Rescue Unit Trained by the Army’s Special Forces and the Philippine Airforce, this search and rescue unit is equipped with high-tech and cutting edge rescue tools and equipments for various cases like road accident extrications, high-angle operations, swift-water rescues, open sea and deep water rescues, confined space operations, and even animal control cases.


     To complement the fire fighting ability of the Bureau of Fire Protection, Central 911 has established its own Fire Auxiliary Services Unit. These highly technical and well trained fire fighters operate and follow the incident command system during fire cases for the efficient operation and collaboration with the Bureau of Fire Protection and other Volunteer Fire Groups. The 911 Fire Auxiliary Services Unit is trained and equipped to respond to high-rise fires and even the dreaded inner-skirt fires in highly populated areas.


Another feature of Davao City’s 911 is its very own K-9 unit. Its bomb and drug sniffing dogs were specially trained in Camp Crame.  The 911 K-9 unit perates daily at the Davao City International Airport and other strategic places to help curb the threats of terrorism. The K-9 unit has its own Kennel house situated in Brgy. Maa where these dogs are continually trained and taken-cared of by professional veterinarians.


As part of Central 911’s advocacy, the center provides training on:

Ø  First Aid & Basic Life Support (BLS)

Ø  Basic Firefighting

Ø  Water Search and Rescue

Ø  Mountain Search and Rescue

Ø  Road Accident Rescue

Ø  High Angle Rescue

These trainings are being given for free as part of the Center’s advocacy to develop community based first responders.

How much does it cost

No fees collected

Who can avail

General Public